I’m currently traveling from Cambodia to England, and trying to do as much of the trip by ground travel as possible. If I had all the time / money I wanted, then it would be entirely ground travel. Some of these borders are tricky.
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sunrise in southern LaosA live scorpion in Cambodia. The girl holding it, a friend of mine, is crazy.A child in a small river village in Laos. She's clutching a puppy to her chest.Overlooking the canyon in Pai, northern ThailandSunset in Southern CambodiaExploring a cave in Pai, northern ThailandA jungle rave in Cambodia. It's called Kerfuffle, and that is a ferris wheel run by a tractor engine. It went terrifyingly fast.
Why ground travel?

There are so many interesting places in the world I’d like to see. But I’ve found the best stops on my travels are the small, surprising places I stumble upon in between destinations.
When you fly you miss out on the surprises. You get too much control over your own trip, and you often hinder your ability to genuinely be amazed by the unexpected.

I’ve found that in doing ground travel, I spend more time engaging with the locals and understanding the culture. I come away with a much better understanding of what life is really like in the country.

And in a sad truth, ground travel may be the way of the future. As jet fuel becomes either too rare, too expensive, or too dangerous to burn because of climate change, and alternative fuel sources struggle to catch up to demand, we may be looking at a future where flight is very limited.

So for me, ground travel is not only a way to better understand the country you’re in, but may also be a glimpse of the future of travel.

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