The Burning
The First Boy who was Broken
Bloody Hands, Heartless Editors
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A pulse pounding Sci-Fi novel, Among the Fallen will keep you hooked until the very end.

William has never stepped foot on the toxic and war-ravaged Earth. He has never had a job or ever heard the word 'no.' But after angering his father, he is cast out of his luxurious home satellite, and sent down to Earth. To live among the poisonous Dust and vicious Grunts. To live among the poor and the hungry. To live among everything he has ever feared.

William finds himself in Tokyo, one of the few places to survive The Incident. He will work, and bleed, and fight against all the odds stacked before him.

And when he discovers his banishment was part of something so much bigger than he could ever imagine- will he be strong enough to fight that too?
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